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Kaufmann Memorial Lecture Award

To honor ISF's founder, Hans P. Kaufmann, the "Kaufmann Memorial Lecture" award was developed and made part of each congress. Through the years, the lecturers have been among the best-known names in international fats and oils science; the topics have reflected the ever-widening scope of international fats and oils science.


Kaufmann Memorial Lecture Award Winners
1974 Prof. Dr. A. Seher, Münster, Germany
1976  Prof. Dr. F. D. Gunstone, St. Andrews, UK
1978 Dr. J. C. Metcalfe, Cambridge, UK
1980  Prof. Dr. R. G. Ackman, Halifax, Canada
1983 Prof. Dr. K.F. Gander, Hamburg, Germany
1984 Prof. Dr. T. Kaneda, Tokyo, Japan
1986 Prof. Dr. H. C. R. Paoletti, Milano, Italy
1988 Prof. Dr. A. S. H. Ong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1992 Prof. N. Zollner, Munich, Germany
1995 Dr. E. Frankel, California, USA
1997 Dr. John M. de Man, Ontario, Canada
1999 Dr. Jean Graille, Montpellier, France
2001 Prof. Dr. Marcel Lie Ken Jie, Hong Kong
2003 Dr. Norio Murata, Japan
2005 Dr. T. Foglia, Pennsylvania, USA
2007 Dr. K. Sato, Hiroshima, Japan
2009 Prof. Paul Trayhurn, University of Liverpool, England
2012 Dr. Edward Emken, Illinois, USA
2013 Prof. Michael Bockisch, Jesteburg, Germany
2015 Dr. Alejandro Marangoni, Ontario, Canada
2016 Prof. Yang Yuexin, Beijing, China